Tom Spurling

For years I have mostly believed it's pointlessly, disgustingly self-indulgent or maybe cynically, ineffectively self-promotion-obsessed to publish things on your own website. However, with the passage of time I've gradually realized I could be hit by a bus or something at any moment, so here is an attempt to leave something amusing that should also stay up for a couple of months after it stops getting paid for.

The two things that have always brought me joy most efficiently are: learning things and repairing things. So, I'm now trying to write these experiences up in a way that hopefully reflects the enjoyment enjoyably.

Here are some much older things I also wrote. Most of these are links to blog posts written at MetaBroadcast (MetaBroadcast Logo) because they used to make me write blog posts. Doing this on a schedule was brutally contrary to my inconsistent nature, but was a great learning experience that it was interesting to be paid for. They tend to be about DevOps topics because this was fun for me at the time, and also because my posts about Java development and Javascript frameworks were rejected for not being positive enough.

Now this site is back, I'm hoping to gradually get into the habit of writing about other things, and eventually switch to an elaborate Wiki format that can enclose all of this information in its own highly-organized way.